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Snake Nation

SnakeNation.io is our authentic social platform where creativity challenges rules and dopeness delivers value.

We are dedicated to delivering significant value from the creative economy into the hands of millennial creators in Film, Art, Fashion, Dance, Music, Gaming and Technology. We believe that the Creative Economy must be inclusive and diverse, if we are to create a sustainable and truly creative economy.
This platform was created to help you, the creators and coders of color, build audience, distribute your product and drive value for your work in the global creative economy. Snake Nation help users to aggregate social media content on one platform which opens distribution opportunities across multiple content platforms. Members will earn Venom Tokens (VNM) through content engagement (posting, flame-ups, comments, and shares) that can be used on platform for cool content, experiences, education, merch and gear and when out of Beta, traded off platform for cash and services and peer to peer payments globally. You can also reach boss levels called Scales which map to each member’s platform activity. Members can also win dope prizes and rewards from joining contests that are featured and hosted on the platform.


Create, repost and share content on your profile.


Share your creative posts with Snake Nation and all your other communities.


Earn VNM Tokens for participation on the platform.


Curate your social media-verse with favorite hashtags by clans.

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How Does The App Work?


Register for our beta with email or facebook, during the sign-up process you can select your interests (#Tags) that will be used to curate content from other social media sites.


Create your profile and upload your photo. Post a piece of content; text, photo, video, or audio on your feed and share.

Interact and Earn

Flame-up a post, comment, or share content in on the platform to earn VNM tokens. Search social networks via Hashtag and curate you favorite hashtag clans.

Send and Receive VNM Tokens

Check out your Token balance in your wallet. Send and Receive VNM tokens with other Snake Nation members for in-app activities.

Access the Beta App Today!

This is a Beta application to provide a proof of concept, the VNM tokens do not hold any value outside of the platfrorm since they reside on a test network. However, for our Beta testers VNM tokens can be exchanged for cool content, experiences and products on the platform.

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